Bigg Boss 14 Start Date, Registration & Auditions Date

Recapitulation Of The Bigg Boss show

Big Boss is an Indian tv show which broadcasts on colors tv channel. This show is presented for three months every year. This is the most popular show. It is a reality-based show. In this show, all those activities presented are based on reality. This show is hosted by Indian film star Salman khan. This show has different rules and it has many seasons. Every year many people wait for this show.

 Bigg Boss 14 registration and audition dates

 No official date of registration of Bigg Boss 14 has been announced yet. But it should be announced very soon. When this is announced, you can register your name on the website. And you have to give all the information.

For this, only those who are 18 years or older are eligible. After completing the BiggBoss criteria, you will be called for the edition and if you are selected you will be sucked into this house.

The layout of the show


The big Boss show based on the original format developed by John de Mol.The members of this program live in a separate house on every week, on the day of the Monday everyone has to vote against two people who want to get out of this house. Those who have been chosen for two names, then their decision is in the public domain. The public has to vote who has to stay and who has to go, then the one who gets the lowest votes is discharged, meaning it is removed from the show.

Now let’s talk on Tuesday’s second day of the week are made between these members on Tuesday. Two teams then competed for any play between these teams. Which of these team wins then they are given a specific invitation or gifts. This play task runs two days on Monday and Tuesday. It becomes such a series of sessions that when someone does not listen to the captain or sometimes they do not listen to the team. So the fight is a matter of fact.

On Thursday, BiggBoss calls the captain of both the teams and asks them about their team’s weak and best performer who presented a good game and who played a bad game. Captains then tell their names and their names also keep it in the heart and it often causes fighting. Captains then tell their names and their names also keep it in the heart and it often causes fighting. The captain then tells the names of the weak players, they have a bitter heart in their heart why our name, fighting starts in such a way.

Now let’s talk about the best players named after them, then they get a special gift from Bigg Boss. And those who are weak players are kept in the cage as a punishment, they are kept there for two days. Now let’s talk on Friday, so it’s a day of rest, but some tasks come to entertains the audience. As if you’ve seen the last season, the oppo selfie task means the best moment’s selfie, etc

It comes after Saturday and Sunday that day Salman khan comes and he reviews the whole weak performance from all the participants. On Sunday, as soon as the episode begins to end, the partisan is dismissed, which gets the lowest votes. Then all that starts from the sun, games, and tasks change, teams also change, there is a lot of interesting show.

Hosts of the Big Boss

Big Boss 14

The show was hosted by different stars. In the first season, this show was hosted by Arshad Warsi second season by ShilpaSheety third season by Amitabh Bachan fourth season by Salman khan Fifth season by Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt and then Six seasons again by Salman khan to thirteen and it is in fourteen it will be hosted by Salman Khan. Ever since Salman khan hosted this show, his popularity has increased. Salman Khan charged 17 Crore per week of the Bigg Boss which can be more than 200 crores of a season. 


 From season 1 to 4, the house was located in Lonavla. Then the house was located in Kajrat in season 5. Then from season 6 to 12, the house again moved in Lonavla. Now in season 13, they built the house at a new location Goregaon. The makers decorate and built the house differently for every season. The house of the Bigg Boss is well furnished and has all modern facilities. There are 2 rooms, garden, pool, activity area and gym in the house of Bigg Boss. There are also 120 cameras in the house that capture every activity of the contestants. 

 The topic of the show:

 Every show has a theme that varies from season to season. Each season has a different theme. According to some news, the theme of the fourteenth season will be “Jungle”.

 The versions of the Big Boss

 There are different versions of this show, the first version was Hindi and its different versions till now.

Big Boss (Marathi)

Big Boss (Bangla)

Big Boss (Kannada)

Big Boss (Tamil)

Big Boss (Malayalam)

Big Boss (Telugu) 

First six player of the Bigg Boss 13

Player of the Bigg Boss 14

 Siddharth Shukla was the winner of the Bigg Boss season 13.

Siddharth Shukla, AsimRiaz, Rashami Desai, Shehnaz Gill, ParasChhabra, and Arti Singh were the top 6 contestants of the Bigg Boss 13.

Player of the Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14 contestant

Candidates have not been selected for Bigg Boss 14 till now when their selection is announced, they will be named on the app or the website.

 The voice over artist in the Bigg Boss

 Voice over arts is working on the Bigg Boss show, Atalkapoor, who is in both Hindi and English languages and has been doing this since the first season.

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